WELCOME....Let This Be The First Step In The Healing Process.

If you are looking for a different type of Addictions Counselor/Interventionist, 
State Licensed Outpatient & DUII Treatment Center, then give us a call. 

Medical Marijuana Card Holders are Welcome.(must show willingness to learn)

We have many years of real experience "addressing the whole person" and not just the problem or addiction.

DUII Information/Education Fees Have Just Been Drastically Lowered!
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Helping More Afford Care, Will Help Everyone.

We are the ONLY Incentive Based Program in the area!
(Please Read Our Incentive Program Page to Learn More.)

We are located in Roseburg, in the Douglas County, Oregon area. We cover all of Oregon and the Western States.

Total Results----where you are treated with Respect----NOT a $$$$
We are licensed in Oregon and cover the Western states. We also hold licensing in culturally/minority specific counseling & treatment.
All of our counselors are in recovery and have many years of "Emotional Sobriety". We strongly feel that some things cannot be learned by books alone.
All fees are a fraction of what most others charge. We are not run by, nor own, any inpatient treatment center. This gives us the latitude to help you choose the best care available. 

Our fees have not gone up since opening.             In fact, due to being INCENTIVE BASED, fees have been reduced!

Please do not request to enter care here based on fees alone! 
We DO NOT accept all that apply for entry. All must have "willingness".

Treatment can and should be FUN....

DUII------If you are referred by an ADES (usually who you see after going to court) to a Treatment Center that does NOT/will NOT best meet your needs, or that you disagree with being forced to go there, (hours/days of sessions, location, allow you maintain your work schedule, etc) , then you are allowed to file a simple grievance with the ADES that they must respond to in writing. 
If you still disagree them DHS/AMH will help you with appealing. You CANNOT be punished for this in any way! *We are sorry that some do not feel that they should treat you with respect, and that you have to stand up for your rights, but MOST ADES have a better work ethic and are there to help not punish.*

We help our clients learn the important difference between sobriety & "Emotional Sobriety".
Check out "Pay It Forward" subpage for PROOF of how it works!
ALL clients receive our Director's cell phone number to assist in their adjustment to a NEW path in life.  (Addiction does not just work 9am-4pm Monday through Friday.) 
Call around and ask if ANY other program offers this?
 Our center is located at :   251 NE Garden Valley Blvd, Suite I,
                                                    Roseburg, Oregon 97470 (next to the Roseburg DMV)
Some insurance accepted. Be assured that we do not place clients in a Higher Level Of Care, or longer care just because they have insurance.

"Treatment Must Work With You or It Will Not Work"
Email: for more information.
Call us TODAY! 541-492-0569
 Calls returned 7 days a week


We offer Pre-Sentencing/Optional Probation Assessments
Up In Smoke Marijuana Alternative Sanction Class
Continuing Education Units Available

Some of the methods & Theories we utilize are here at Total Results...
  Include, but not limited to: individual-centered therapy, cognitive therapy, CBT, reality therapy, R,E.B.T., CBST, evidence based therapy, M.I., life ring, DBT, MET, Incentive, and a twelve step approach. 

Please remember, we utilize many more than listed above. 

We do not believe in "Cookie Cutter"--One Size Fits All. 

Our Goal is the SUCCESS of clients, not setting them up for failure.

DUII Information/Education Prices SLASHED...
Now LOWEST in the area.
Now ONLY $250.00
Call around and see what other Centers in Roseburg charge for their DUII Info/Education program. Then call us!

Please read the attached article on Interventions.
Marijuana Education Class: CEU's available.       

Over Assessment=More Costly for You

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